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Mars Beauty rates 5 Curly Lace Wigs, Urban Beauty, Queen Bee

Blast Off to Mars and Discover Urban Beauty with Our Test Flights

The Mars Team was excited to try and rate 5 Queen Bee lace wigs. Each one had its personality, and by your host Waysha and her preference, she selected her favorite to be the one that shares the most compatible qualities with her style.

The main things reviewed in each wig are curl pattern, the vibrancy of color, quality texture, & style versatility.

Feel free to watch the full review below:

Kalifa- $43.75

Color: Mocha Brown

Pros: Bouncy.

Cons: Looks better parted to the side.


Comments: This wig is a natural color with a lot of body. The curl pattern, color, and texture were all great! This wig earned a 4/5 because it was terrific but needed a little more versatility. This Mocha Brown color is an excellent universal wig for many events or everyday wear.



Color: P4/35S

Pros: Baby hairs on fleek, cute in a ponytail, & looks great with a middle part.

Cons: Not as cute in a half up/half down.


Comments: This wig leaves you feeling girly and happy. The curl pattern was excellent as well as the color vibrancy. The texture feels good with okay style versatility. This wig has more pros than cons and will definitely not leave you disappointed.



Color: 1B

Pros: Looks like it grew out of my head, you can wear it with any outfit, & very shiny.

Cons: Needs a trim, hair is not layered.


Comments: This wig needs a bit of a shape-up before it's presentable. Not very flashy, but it gets the job done. The curl pattern was okay, but what really helped was the texture. It doesn't feel cheap so that it can last you a while. The color vibrancy wasn't apparent because of the natural color, but the shininess mainly sold the wig and made it pop the way it should.  



Color: F4/27/613

Pros: Lots of baby hairs to play with, has a nice texture, & you can part it many types of ways.

Cons: None.


Comments: The favorite out of all the wigs because it gives a lot of life and looks effortless when it comes to the versatility of the wig. You can't mess up with this wig AT ALL. The curl pattern and texture exceeded our expectations, and the color was so fun!!



Color: Carmel Brown

Pros: Super cute!

Cons: Looks better parted to the side and in a ponytail. 


Comments: This particular wig gives off a very innocent look. It's giving "church girl" energy. The Jayla style may not be your wig if you want color and vibrancy to stand out. It's a fun wig because of the bounciness and the overall texture, but it may not be fun enough for a rave or the "out of this world look" that represents Cosmic Beauty.

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